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Management System

ISO9001 [update examination was completed in March, 2020]

Basic policy

  "The product of the high quality which a customer is satisfied with
     I contribute to social development through providing it"
  I push forward the next activity to realize this quality policy.
 1.I establish the guarantee of quality system based on the international standard,
   In all of quality, cost, the deadline,
   I try for a product structure to meet the requirements of the customer.
 2.For customer satisfaction improvement the office from the cost
   I do a customer, communication with the purchase other side thickly
   I try for a technique, study of the ability and always plan communalization of the information.
 3.To expand the effective production system,
   On the basis of capacity for organization reinforcement, technology improvement, personnel training
   I improve the effectiveness of the quality management system continuously.

SQEP (Supplier Quality Excellence Process)

SQEP is an abbreviated designation of Supplier Quality Excellence Process (the quality excellence business partner certification).
A quality management system is given an accepted supplier from Caterpillar Inc., and proves that it is a supplier working on excellent process control and continuous development by the past business results.

Eco-action 21

Environmental policy

  The MARUEI Industry in the manufacturing,
  In "more more Low cost with an expensive product of the quality"
  I featured the theme of this and moved forward with a customer.
  I will stare at the point of the times from now on
  I make an effort to send a product trusted by a customer and
  Through operation, it is voluntary to reduce environmental load
  I establish an environmental aim, activity plan and try for continuous improvement.
  1.To reduce influence to give environment in the machined operation,
   I wrestle positively for the following items.
  ① The destruction that has poor processing
  ② For carbon footprint reduction, it is reduced electricity, the fuel consumption
  ③ Reduction of the waste drained from operation
  ④ Reduction of the water consumption by the saving water activity
  ⑤ Promotion of the green purchase
  2.I observe the law concerned, the requirements of the regulations.
  3.With the understanding of the policy these for all employees,
   I plan improvement of the consciousness about the environment and
   I publicize it to people working for us.
  4.I announce this environmental policy outside an office.
MARUEI Industry
224-3 Nagatake Midori-ku Sagamihara-shi Kanagawa Japan
TEL. 042-780-8170
FAX. 042-780-7110

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